Texas A&M Sport Clubs Association

The Texas A&M Sport Clubs Association presents a unique opportunity for students to develop both athletic and leadership abilities. It affords the opportunity to be competitive against clubs from other collegiate institutions at the state, regional or national level in 37 sport clubs. Most provide opportunities to learn or enhance skills in a recreational setting. Each club is responsible for all aspects of operating and managing their organization. The Department assists with advising, facilities, event planning, and finances, while providing some monetary support. Clubs can subsidize the cost of their club activities, by charging dues or participating in fundraising activities.

The Department of Recreational Sports acknowledges other sport-related clubs might wish to seek recognition in the Sport Clubs Association.  Due to the limited resources available to the Sport Clubs   Association, it may not be feasible to add new clubs.  Therefore, student organizations must meet and maintain the following minimum criteria before applying for Sport Club status:

  • Must be a recognized student organization and meet the above requirements for a minimum of 2 consecutive years. (Current year of application DOES NOT COUNT)
  • Must demonstrate leadership transition beyond founding members (Will not accept applications if a club has not gone through multiple officer elections and service)
  • Must have a returning officer as part of the officer group during the transition year if accepted
  • ·Must be an active member of a National Governing Organization
  • Must have regularly scheduled practices and club meetings, EXCLUSIVE TO CLUB MEMBERS
  • Must compete in a minimum of 3 collegiate division competitions per year, and actively pursue other competitions
  • Maintain financial stability. Every club must have a yearly operating budget, AND NOT BUDGET TO BE IN THE NEGATIVE. Clubs must be able to fund own club for 1 year without assistance, AND Must fundraise outside of club dues.
  • Represent Texas A&M University at events hosted by other collegiate institutions
  • Routinely follow Sport Clubs and University policies and procedures
  • Must have a minimum of 10 active members, unless in team sports where the minimum number required to compete is larger than 10. Then the club must maintain that requirement.
  • MUST have at least 25% of the active membership compete and travel to events.
  • MUST comply with ALL paperwork submittal deadlines on consistent basis.
  • Inappropriate conduct or actions while participating in any Sport Clubs related activity will jeopardize the club’s continued status as a recognized Sport Club.Furthermore, club members who participate in inappropriate activity which violates University Student Rules, University policies, campus regulations, or state or federal laws will be subject to disciplinary action by the Department of Recreational Sports, Texas A&M University, and/or appropriate legal authorities

The Sport Clubs Executive Committee consists of five members as elected by the Sport Clubs Association during the April sport club meeting. These individuals serve as the leadership of the Sport Clubs Association. Some of their responsibilities are as follows:

  • Act as a liaison between the sport clubs and the Sport Club Staff
  • Make recommendations for annual funding to each of the eligible sport clubs
  • Provide a forum for clubs to discuss concerns without intervention by the Sport Club Staff
  • Review applications for new sport clubs and make recommendations for the acceptance or decline of new organizations into the Sport Clubs Association
  • Organize the Sport Clubs Canned Food Drive
  • Act as mediator for clubs with internal conflicts
  • Create and program the semester and end of the year event

2021 – 2022 Sport Club Executive Committee Members

  • Kaylee Connolly – Gymnastics
  • Sarah McQuaid – Crew
  • Bryce Hann – Men’s Ultimate
  • Kassi Porche – Triathlon
  • Michael Lewandowski – Men’s Water Polo

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