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Good news! If you’re a currently-enrolled student at Texas A&M, you’re already a member! We’ve also got membership options for faculty, staff and others with a connection to A&M.

Membership Fee Increase

Effective July 20, 2020, membership fees will increase. Please visit the individual tabs on this page (Students, Non-Students, Former Students/Friends, and Dependents) for details about the new pricing structure for each group.

If you have questions about the fee increase, please refer to the FAQs below.


Why are the Rec Sports fee and membership rates increasing?

Texas A&M Rec Sports believes that recreational opportunities should be more accessible to our community. In February 2018 Texas A&M Students voted in a campus wide referendum to approve raising the Rec Fee to build two additional satellite Rec facilities on campus. Subsequently the Texas A&M Board of Regents approved raising the Rec Fee in Fall 2020 to $145.  The state legislation which allows the Rec Fee to be charged requires that all non-students must pay at least as much as students necessitating a raise in non-student membership rates for Fall 2020. The increase will be used to fund construction, operational, maintenance, and programming costs associated with our Rec Sports facilities.

Where are the two new satellite Rec facilities and what spaces will they contain?

The Polo Road Rec Center, near University Drive & the Zachary Engineering Educational Complex, will open in Spring 2021 and offer about 28,000 square feet with strength and conditioning space, a fitness/multipurpose room, lockers, and changing areas. The Southside Rec Center will be approximately 60,000 square feet and is located on Bizzell street adjacent to the TAMU golf course and across from Southside Residence Halls.  This Rec facility will feature strength and conditioning space, fitness rooms, multi-purpose courts, a bouldering wall, lockers, and changing areas. Southside Rec Center is currently in the design phase and projected to open in Fall 2022.

Once the construction is complete on both facilities, why is the fee increase still needed?

In order to design and construct the two new satellite facilities, money will be borrowed to fund the projects. Once the Polo Road Rec Center & Southside Rec Center are complete, there will be a debt payment that must be paid for 30 years; similar to mortgage payments after buying a house. The operational costs for the two new facilities will be approximately $2 million per year. The new Rec Fee and membership rates are needed to pay the continued debt service, operational and programming costs for all Rec Sports facilities.

Why do most returning students pay the previous fee while new students must pay the $145 fee per semester?

New graduate students, incoming freshmen, and those that are on the variable rate tuition plan will pay the new $145 Rec Sports Fee beginning the Fall semester of 2020. The new Rec Sports satellite facilities will be completed in time for those students to benefit from them. Current undergraduate students who graduate in four years, and are on the fixed rate tuition plan, are locked into the current $106 fee. The fee implementation plan embraces Texas A&M’s Four-Year Locked Rate program to offer fixed tuition and fees for undergraduates over 4 year period and is designed to impact the fewest number of students who may graduate prior to completion of the new facilities.

Why do faculty, staff and other non-students pay a higher rate than students?

Our mission and priority revolve around providing high-quality facilities and programs to promote wellness and enhance the learning environment for the students of Texas A&M University. Secondary to that is providing the same kinds of facilities and programs to others, including the faculty and staff of Texas A&M, should they elect to become members. It is a state law in Texas that these other members must pay at least what the students pay for the same services. Rec Sports charges our faculty and staff a little more since they have the option to join while for students it is a mandatory fee. The new membership rates for faculty and staff are commensurate with the student Rec fee increase. Students will always pay the lowest rate.

I do not use the Rec Center so why do I still have to pay the fee?

The Rec Fee is designated as a mandatory fee by the legislature of the State of Texas.  This consistency in funding allows Rec Sports to purchase bonds for the creation of Rec Sports facilities and to pay for debt service, operations, maintenance, and programming for the students of Texas A&M. The Rec on average serves over 75% of the Texas A&M student body and is available to the 25% non-users at any time. In addition, our programs such as Intramural Sports, Sport Clubs, Outdoor Adventures, etc. serve large groups of students who are not counted in the 75% that enter the facility. Texas A&M University believes that all students benefit from staying active and engaged, so to ensure all students have access to quality programs and facilities at a reasonable cost, the university established a required fee. Without this fee, the cost for the same facilities and programs would be much higher, blocking some students from having access.

I only plan on using one Rec facility; can I pay a prorated fee or membership rate?

As noted in the answer above the students of Texas A&M pay a mandatory Rec Fee to ensure our ability to pay for debt service, operations, maintenance, and programming for all of Rec Sports.  In creating these new satellite facilities our priority is to provide more state of the art recreational facilities in closer proximity to where our A&M community works and lives.  To ensure the diversity of facilities and programs it is necessary to charge a standard membership rate for access across all Rec Sports facilities.  This allows all of our students and members the opportunity to choose the facilities and programs that best meet their personal needs for physical activity and wellness.


If you have questions concerning your Rec Sports membership, please contact James Nash at

For information about Guest Passes, visit, ‘Guest Passes’ tab.

Student Memberships

Division of Student Affairs Summer Fees 2020

Students taking one or more semester hours automatically become Rec Members when they register and pay the Recreational Sports Fee.

  • Beginning July 20, 2020, the Rec Sports fee for new students, graduate students, and students on the variable rate tuition plan will be $145 per semester.

Continuing student memberships are available to students who were registered for class the previous semester but are not enrolled for the current semester. Continuing student memberships are $145 for one semester or $72.50 for one summer session.

If you have questions concerning your Rec Sports membership, please contact James Nash at

Non-Student Memberships

Besides students, the following individuals are eligible to purchase Rec memberships:

  • Current staff members of Texas A&M*
  • Retired staff members of Texas A&M
  • Spouses of current students, staff members, or retired staff members
  • Adult dependents (age 18-25) of current students, staff members, or retired staff members
  • Dependent children (age 3-17) of current students, staff members, or retired staff members (with some restrictions)

Memberships include access to Rec Sports facilities in the Rec Center (PEAP, Tennis Center and Penberthy Rec Sports Complex). Some Rec Sports programs have additional charges in addition to the membership price (i.e., group exercise classes, instructional classes, climbing facility, intramural sports, locker rentals).

Membership prices:

Beginning July 20, 2020, the cost of this membership will be:

  • $495 annually
  • $355 for two semesters
  • $190 for one semester
  • $145 per semester for a student spouse

*Payroll Deduction for Current Employees

Current employees are encouraged to sign up for their membership through payroll deduction. Patrons will make an initial payment at the time of purchase and the membership fee will be deducted from the member’s pay check each month. This payment option does not include locker rentals.

  • $42/month for an employee who is paid 12 months of the year
  • $56/month for an employee who is paid 9 months of the year

Nine-month employees pay a slightly higher rate ($56/month) which offsets the fact that there are three months during which no deduction will occur from their pay check.

In order to cancel payroll deduction, a “stop enrollment” form must be completed.

If you have questions concerning your Rec Sports membership, please contact James Nash at

Former Students & Friends Membership

The Former Students & Friends Membership is available to anyone who is registered with The Association of Former Students. To be eligible for this membership, the person must:

  1. Have received a degree (e.g. bachelors, masters, doctorate) or honorary degree from Texas A&M University; or
  2. Be a current contributor to the Association of Former Students

Membership prices:

Beginning July 20, 2020, the cost of this membership will be:

  • $575 annually
  • $415 for two semesters
  • $225 for one semester

The Member Service Manager will verify proof of current membership within The Association of Former Students. If an individual is rendered ineligible, they will be refunded their membership minus a $50 administrative fee.

If you have questions concerning your Rec Sports membership, please contact James Nash at

Dependent Memberships

Membership Fees & Cards

  1. Rec Member Dependents must register with Member Services for a Rec Dependent I.D. card. We will require a birth certificate and a $10.00 processing fee for each Rec Dependent I.D. card. A daily charge of $4.00 for children ages 3-13 and $5.00 for children ages 14-17 applies.
  2. All non-registered dependents or other children who are guests must purchase the current guest pass at $10 per day if sponsored by an adult Rec Member.
  3. Children age 2 and under may enter the Rec Center at no charge, but must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times.
  4. All persons under the age of 18 MUST be within arm’s reach of an adult at all times, NO EXCEPTIONS.

Unlimited Dependent Membership

The unlimited membership will allow dependents with adult supervision access to the Rec Center during hours of operation. This membership will only be sold to dependents between 14-17. Beginning July 20, 2020, the cost of this membership will be $190 per semester.

  • Dependent members 3-13 are allowed to purchase the unlimited membership for the summer semesters only.

If you have questions concerning your Rec Sports membership, please contact James Nash at