Indoor Climbing Facility (ICF)

Rock Climbing is a great full body workout that requires core, upper body, and lower body strength as well as mental prowess and balance. Rock Climbing is a great way to workout and have fun! What are you waiting on? Come and climb with us! Ready to climb regularly? You can purchase semester passes to make your climbing more cost-effective. We sell gear passes and climbing passes; get more details on the Prices tab. Group facility and private party rentals are available.

Climbing reservations are no longer required at the Indoor Climbing Facility and Bouldering Wall. Climbing will take place on a first-come-first-served basis.

The Basics

The Indoor Climbing Facility includes both the climbing tower and the Bouldering Wall.  The 44-ft. high tower has approximately 3,500 sq. feet of climbing area which combines both integral rock and moveable hand and foot holds. The tower hosts 13 top-ropes and 3 auto-belay stations and offers lead climbing opportunities on 11 bolt lines.

  • The ICF is open 7 days a week during the regular semester (with the exception of holidays).
  • If you know how to belay, you only need a skills check to get started.
  • Skills checks are renewed each semester and are performed whenever the ICF is open for business.
  • If you have never climbed before, you’ll need to sign up for one of our classes to get you started.
  • Our orientation classes are offered on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 7pm – 9pm. Weekend classes will not be offered during the summer. Patrons can register online at or at the ICF desk up to 15 minutes prior to the class.
  • If you don’t own your own equipment, you can rent ours.
  • The Bouldering Wall is open any time the building is. You only need to drop by one of the desks in the Rec Center to sign a waiver and watch an informational video to get started.
  • A complimentary wristband will be issued to you once you are cleared to boulder. Boulderers need to show this wristband while using the bouldering facility.
  • Rules and regulations for the climbing facilities can be found HERE.


For participants affiliated with Texas A&M University and with an active UIN, please use our ONLINE MaroonLink system to complete your waiver: Indoor Climbing Facility Waiver Form Non-members turn in forms below to Outdoor Adventures Staff.

Indoor Climbing Info

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Prices for Climbing

Orientation Class & Skills Check

  • Skills Check***/Orientation Class (1 semester): $6*; $8.50**
  • Lead Climbing Check (plus skills check, 1 semester): $6*; $8.50**

*Rec member price; **non-member price ***Skills checks require a patron to complete the following set without mistakes and prompting:

  • wearing a harness
  • basic climbing commands
  • tying-in using figure 8 follow through knot with an appropriate tail length
  • belaying correctly using a tube-style friction device
  • proper pad placement and spotting of a boulderer

Lead belaying will be required to be performed with a Gri Gri Plus device which will be provided complimentary with the checkout of a lead climbing rope.

Climbing Packages

  • Unlimited Climbing/1 Semester: $45*; $50**
  • One-Day Climb (equipment not included): $6*; $8.50**
  • One-Time Climb (equipment included): $5*; $5**

*Rec member price; **non-member price

Rental Equipment

  • Unlimited Climbing Gear Rental Pass***: $40
  • Equipment Package (shoes, harness, belay, chalk bag): $6/day
  • Climbing Shoes Only: $4/day*; $5/day**
  • Chalk Bag Only: $1/day
  • Belay Device Only: $1/day

*Rec member price; **non-member price ***No refunds on unused passes. Only good for semester purchased.

Indoor Climbing Info

Join Our Team

If you’re looking for part-time, student employment and love the outdoors, check out our job openings on the employment page.

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Reserve the ICF

The ICF is available for reservation for private events including birthday parties, Girl and Boy Scout groups, Corp