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Texas A&M Powerlifting offers a hard core lifting environment to lifters of different skill levels. It provides the opportunity for members to compete in intercollegiate powerlifting competitions within the collegiate division of the USAPL, the premier drug-free federation in the United States. Powerlifting demands great focus, strength, and endurance—with a team to support you, all of these things will be within your grasp.

Past Accomplishments

  • Collegiate National Powerlifting Championships - 2012 Women's Team 2nd place; Men's Team 5th place

  • Collegiate National Powerlifting Champions – Women’s Team: 2010

  • Women's team placed 2nd, Men finished 6th, combined Men & Women finished 3rd at Collegiate Nationals: 2009

  • Women’s team placed 3rd and Men's team placed 5th at Collegiate Nationals: 2008 

  • Collegiate National Powerlifting Champions: 1983, 1991–93


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Powerlifting team members. Powerlifting team member, Alesha Summers.